Sunday, January 31, 2010


Boy Oh boy, I need to catch up on my blogging..time FLIES when you are busy. I couldn't skip halloween because it is my favorite holiday. (until the next one comes around, then It's my favorite:)

Here are some pictures around our house...the kids did the decorating, and I think they did a great job! Jocelyn and I had fun with our monster scarecrow this year. I have to admit, the middle of the night trips to the kitchen for water brought many a scream from a few of us, because it looked like a big dark figure sitting there...AAAHHHHH.

We had fun dressing up this year! Jocelyn was a cute little Emo thug, and went trick or treating with her friends.

Riley was pretty funny in his wheel chair dressed as a banana, and his friend jacob was the gorilla. Jacob's baby sister Julia was a little monkey that sad on Riley's lap for a few houses. For those of you who know Riley well, the wheelchair did NOT stop him from schouring the neighborhoods and coming home with quite the stash.

Then came Jacey...I have to admit she scared me to death dressed like a boy...she grows a better beard than most men I know! She had to work at Texas Roadhouse, and would laugh when she had to go clean up the girls bathroom and ladies would freak seeing her in there...HA HA! Her poor boy friend Brady was pretty mortified and would not let her go near him.

Jordan and her friend Katie dressed as a Dr and a patient but she was slow to give me pictures. I did hear that Jenica and Jordan and Jacey were at the same party and Jordan and Jacey busted out a great NSync number, then Jenica and Jordan had quite the dance off! Im sorry I missed all of that.

Jenica, oh little neandrathal this year! Her and her friend Angie are beautiful girls, but man, do they make great cave women. They rolled around in the dirt and leaves getting ready, and had fake hairy patches and arm pits...NASTY! We laughed pretty hard watching them grunt and shuffle around Texas Roadhouse as they are both was GREAT.

Jeff was a bum this year and did not dress up. He did pose for one picture as a Computer buff for me though:)

I ended up being the Tooth Fairy, and one the costume contest again at the hospital...FUN STUFF!! I am already planning next year...