Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday March 11th

Today is a big day for us...a day of ending, a day for beginnings...I choose to think this is going to be the start of a sharp turn UP!!

I am happy...

kids...awesome husband...awesome
strength in this family unit...INCREDIBLE!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Christmas at our house is usually a crazy, fun, and very unpredictable time of year. We started with a crazy McDonald Christmas party. We always have lots of delicious food (thank you Marcy) and fun, presents, then the famous "White board Pictionary game". This is a guys against girls game, and for those of you who dont know that McDonald family, it is an INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE GAME. We usually get laughing pretty hard, and Sheila is highly entertaining during this game...oh, for the record...the GIRLS won this year:P

Christmas eve was special this year...we opened Pajamas, played games and had some wonderful food and fun. Jacey and Jocelyn got some fleece pajamas that werent their style, so the fashion shows with those were pretty entertaining. Jacey's boyfriend Brady could not quit laughing. We had a "Sing Fest" and broke out in some pretty serious harmony and actions with some Back Street Boys tunes...oh how I love my family and their fun personalities. We have had a hard year, but every one of us has grown, and figured out what was truly important in life, and most of all, we have STUCK TOGETHER. This is what strong people are made of...

I love my kids, my husband and our STRENGTH!

Merry Christmas!