Sunday, December 6, 2009

Halloween MADNESS!!

This is our celebration! We love halloween at this house and are not shy to dress up and go enjoy the day of fun and ghouls!

We were a bit mixed on who dressed up this year and who didn't, but we have some great showings or those who did!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I cant believe that my baby girl is actually 13 years old. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was cradling her in my arms for the first time, looking at her beautiful face.

What a fun, creative, loving, smart girl she is with a great sense of humor. She is on the quiet side at times, until you get to know her then LOOK OUT. She is such a fun and special part of this family. I feel lucky to be her mom.

We started our celebration in to Jocelyn's "teenagedom" with a party with a few good friends. Everyone had posted on their back something you could dress up like for Halloween, and you had 21 yes or no questions to guess what that was. Poor Joonie had one on her back too. We played candy bar game, had a peanut m'n'm war, and watched Young Frankenstein. What a cute group of kids...

We then continued celebration on the evening of her actual birthday. She spent the day with her father, then came home to presents with the family, and a Tirumisu for a cake from Sundance...YUM (thanks Jordan)

Jocelyn and I then went on a date and got her ears pierced. She had to be brave because a little girl who was a bit scared and trying to decide watched Jocelyn to see if it was bad or not. Jocelyn was brave and the girl decided to go ahead!!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn. I feel so lucky and blessed to have you as a daughter. What a wonderful caboose to this family train!!


Yes, we are alive:)

Wow, It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything to our blog...over one year. I cant say it has been a fun year. In fact it has been the hardest year of my life! here are some things I have learned though...

I am strong

My children are strong

Not every person is the same...some make mistakes, but can come out of them differently than others

You just cant judge people

Love is important

You need to be true to yourself

Every morning is a new morning

Jeff loves me and I love him

I love my children each for their own strengths and weaknesses

Forgiveness is a journey

Life is a journey

Nature, music, flowers, cooking, true friends and hugs heal

Provo canyon is a sanctuary