Monday, June 28, 2010


Oh my beautiful daughter Jen, my first born, is 22!

I cannot believe the time has gone by so fast...memories of the little girl with the big grin and the cute voice...always singing and dancing and so artistic.

She really has not changed...she still has the big grin, is so good at entertaining and making people laugh and feel good. She has a beautiful voice, and is still a great dancer...artistic? INCREDIBLY SO!!

We celebrated her birthday with one of our favorite family past times...a BBQ with the best flank steak EVER.

Riley made a beautiful and very delicious cake for his sister...

I love you Jenica Nicole...may this year bring hope, love, peace and fresh new and incredible things in life for you deserve it ALL

Jacey and Brady...Jr. Prom

Jacey and Brady Pulver have been dating for about nine months now. He is part of our family and a fun kid to have around. They were so cute going to Jr. Prom...I only have a few pictures, and hopefully can get some more from Brady's parents.

My little Jacey is all grown up, looking beautiful! Brady did not look so bad himself...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jordan's surgery

Jordan gave us a pretty bad scare. This is a child who has never even had stitches. Ok,she did fracture a skull a few times when she was a tike as she started walking at the young age of 7 months. She really had not stopped since, and has been very active and healthy.

They discovered two humongous tumors, one in each ovary. They filled her whole abdomen and had pushed all of her other organs aside...her lungs. She had an incredible surgeon, Dr. Rinda Ellis, and an Oncologist, Dr. Andrew Soissens, who both did an amazing job with the surgery. They could not do this laparoscopically due to the sheer mass of the tumors, but she has a very low, neat scar, albeit large.

It was a hard recovery in the sense that Jordan loves to be active, she climbs, swims, hikes, and rides her bike everywhere, works at Sundance and Outback, and is going to school to become a nurse. It was hard for her to stay down and feel so sick, but her boyfriend Nate was an incredible help, and I loved being able to be in her home and share with her as she is SO independent.

I think she healed so well because her body is in such excellent condition, she had SO many of you praying and sending her great workers helping out, as well as her sheer will. They told her 8 week recovery, but she was walking and trying before that.

The results are good, and we are So grateful...Love you Jordi bug!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mom's Birthday!

OHHHHH What a fun day! My wonderful family cleaned the house, made an incredible dinner of Pasta Alfredo with Grilled chicken, a wonderful salad with spinach and grapes and the cake Jenica and Jordan made was INCREDIBLE! It was three layers of chocolate and vanilla goodness with creem cheese frosting, and a beautiful fudge piping with fresh flowers...
I got the Pink Floyd movie...YES! and had an incredible time laughing and playing...

I forgot to mention that my friends at work got me a tierra and a pink boa with a birthday wand! They know how much I love to drees up...YES, I WORE THEM!

Another incredibly special part of the night was the flower pots we each painted...each person had a pot that they specialized just for themselves, with personalities. We had SO much fun and it was such a great time. Each person had a "magic bean to plant. Jeff's said Success, Mine was Dream, Jenica's was Namaste, Jordan's was Health, Jacey's was harmony, Riley's says Peace and Jocelyn's was bravery. what an incredible night:) I love this crazy family so much...

Happy Birthday to ME! I am 44 years old and proud of every year...